Carlow Tourist Attractions


Brown’s Hill Dolmen
A few miles outside Carlow town in a field off the R726, the Browne’s Hill Dolmen has the biggest capstone of any dolmen in Europe, weighing over 100 tons. The Megalithic tomb is around 5,000 years old and its immense size led the later peoples to believe it was built by giants. It is likely, however that the people who built it created an earthen ramp beside the upright stones from which they rolled the capstone into place.

Altamont Gardens
Impressive gardens with a lake, arboretum and bog garden near Tullow. Open on Sundays and Bank Holidays from April to October.

Mount Leinster
Mount Leinster is the highest peak of the Blackstair Mountains in the south of Carlow at 2394 feet high with views over Carlow and Wexford. The Mount Leinster scenic drive and walking trail up the mountain starts at Borris. Hang gliding from the mountain is popular.

Old Leighlin Monastic Site
Ruined 6th century monastery founded by St Laserian with a small cathedral with Romanesque doorway near Leighlinbridge

Rathgall Ring Fort
Iron Age ring fort dating from the 8th century BC with three earthen ring defences which legend says is the burial site of the Kings of Leinster